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Our team of qualified professionals provide fully independent survey reports throughout the North of England.

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Our mission is to provide comprehensive and independent survey reports for residential properties in the North of England. With a team of highly qualified and experienced Chartered Surveyors, we specialise in delivering RICS Level 3 and Level 2 Surveys, as well as private valuations for Probate and Help to Buy. Trust us to provide you with the knowledge and guidance you need for informed property decisions.

Our services

Level 3
Building Survey

Providing comprehensive property info for buyers and developers, including structural issue identification and estimated repair costs. Recommended for properties with unusual construction or undergoing major renovations, meeting RICS Level 3 standards.

Level 2
Homebuyers Survey

Offering concise information for homebuyers on the condition of traditionally built homes built after 1900, in reasonable condition. A property valuation can also be added to the survey for purchase guidance. Our clients often save thousands in negotiations with sellers.

RICS Property
Valuation Report

Providing valuable information on your property’s market worth can help determine the most profitable time to sell or help buyers assess if they are paying a fair market price. As well as undertaking valuations to understand market value, we can also provide RICS Red Book Valuations for a variety of purposes including Help to Buy Valuations, Inheritance Tax Valuations (Probate), and Lease extension Valuations.

Snagging Surveys

Given the high demand for new construction, it’s crucial to conduct a snagging survey on any new property. Due to the pressure to build quickly and efficiently, mistakes and shortcuts can occur. Our qualified and experienced inspectors will create a comprehensive, annotated snagging report that is user-friendly, making it easy to communicate issues to your developer for rectification.

Schedule of Conditions

A schedule of conditions is a report that records the current condition of a residential or commercial property. This report provides written and photographic evidence of the property’s state of repair, material, and aesthetic condition. The report serves as a reliable reference for future disputes about the property’s condition, offering a way to compare changes that may occur after the report was created.

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